Cherish Fulfilment

“Sky blooms

clouds blossoms

sun embraces

river sparkles

birds sing

tree hymns

The child cherish”


That summer on the river bank, sitting by the tree and breathing the view of the nature’s blessing. There was silence and beauty all over. A kind of silence that glorifies the vibe of nature and beauty for which one is lost for words. Back supported with hard trunk, legs crossed and David Copperfield book in your hands. Content fills yours body as you sag  back and fumble the pages of your book.


A little inspiration and a little motivation is all that is required to change someone’s life forever, isn’t it? Books are ways through which our ancestors leave us a message to behold, a principle, a truth, a realisation which cannot be learnt until one has completed a good share of time in this world.

All the books keep telling us a simple fact that anything and everything is possible in this crazy little world that we live. Why not? Even Giants could have existed. But then we are too consumed by thoughts that this couldn’t be possible, that makes us nearly blind to it.

Believe! Imagine! cherish fulfiilment like a child!


Sunday. Wow…that very word is enough to bring smiles among millions. while monday, I don’t have to say.

This nuances of sunday – monday scenario is a simple and effective way of training the young about the practicality of life. “Never be too overjoyed or too depressed” coz that absolutely has no affect over the situation. no matter how much we despair it, we need to attend our monday classes.

Part of growing up is to get used to things we hate and to give upon things which we have no say on.

Homeworks, records, assignments, projects, graphs and what not…we do it. we do things as we HAVE to do it, without knowing or asking why.

Initially the urge would have been higher but slowly it fades away , ‘as we have to do what is told’, for reasons as simple as grades.

Honestly, how  many of us remember the grades we got in elementary. nobody cares to remember as they aren’t important. What’s important is the knowledge that we gain. only when we look back, we know why we did, what we did. but if we were smart enough to know it prior we would have done a whole lot better.

However, though our elders tell us over and over about the importance of education, we neglect it, we think it as a joke and go on in our our own merry way.

Overall, there is lack on both sides or on one side, either way you are going to fall off the cliff. In the latter there is a possibility of you not falling down, provided we do our assigned roles such that we don’t have any regrets in the future.


A new year

sends new hope.

Every year on the new year’s eve

we owe to change ourselves

in ways

we would love to reflect ourselves.

The external vibe

sends a shiver deep within your being,

kindling emotions and freshness.


All of a sudden

you are courageous with an

ingrowing self trust

which you never knew existed.

We smile and welcome

this external and internal change

wholeheartedly for a better change.

As we know,

change is the only permanent thing in life.

Anyone Can Be No. 1

After all these years,

When we speak with our old friends

We realise that one thing

that our elders always have said –

We don’t know what is their journey,

or what is their destiny?

Everyone though they are your best friends,

studying in the same class

with the same kind of resources,

turn out to be different

in a way, you can never imagine.

Retrospecting the days of past

I realise how time changes

everything and everyone

just like a giant wheel

with its various position of carts.

Ball Game

From the top,

the world looks so small,

That makes you feel satisfied.

From the bottom,

the world looks so big

That makes you wonder with awe.

Satisfaction is the synonym

of saturation.

Awesomeness and wonder

are the signs of progress.

In middle a mix of both

satisfaction and awesomeness occupy,

with high dynamic properties.

Heart is always wandering

between the two extremes.

Yet maintaining a practical balance,

lies the ball game of the middle.

Sunny goes out, Breezy comes in

After a long time cool breeze struck at night.

It was both intimidating and heavy.

Heavy enough to push a lot of things at home

which were by now used to the static environment.

The breeze was deafening

But yet it was welcomed.

We opened our doors and came out

to feel the cool breeze outside.

Its been a long time to see

so many residents out in their balconies.

Laughter and cries of children

were growing louder.

A day that we have all longed for so long.