True Companion

In the moonlight

everything seems to be perfect.

Simplest of things gain their grace

with the presence of mighty moon.

In spite of all its might, it projects itself small

For we feel it our true companion.

As a tiny tot,

it ensures our well being

by ensuring we eat our nutritious dinner.

As a young-boy,

it enlights our imagination

with the overwhelming stories.

As a young man,

it reminds us of our pal

whom we dearly love.

As a man

it reminds the wonderful time with your parents

who live far off.

As an old man,

it reminds you of the olden days with retrospect.

Gone are the days when we used letter,

came the age of Whatsapp.

Gone are the days of trunk call,

came the age of Skype.

But remains same from time immemorial

is our true companion

The Moon!!


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