Remember those days

when I lurked around the school library

along with my friends

trying to find that one book

that stings your page turning fingertips

even while experiencing tiredness

while every single bone of your body retorts

in your every nerve.


Remember those days

having your lunch

in the giant staircase,

chatting about the day

with great humor.


Remember those days

before the summer break

while we start the countdown

a month ago.


Remember those days

while i felt ironic

when someone said that

this is the best part of your life.

As we get to do so much of homework

which had to be done withcreativity

all through the holidays.


‘Experience is the best teacher’

My school days was indeed

the best part of my life.



Remember those days

when we striven for a break

and when the break arrives

we tend to strive to go back to our routine.


During the routine,

we feel mechanized.

During the break,

we feel to be lacking our very identity.


At every point of time, we tend to lack something

if that’s how we perceive it.

Changing this perception

changes everything beautifully.

Hymn of a Girl

Someday I wish

I were a boy,

galvanising about the streets

all on my own

Enjoying the pleasures of life

with all the freedom bestowed.

Not having to be told to be back before dark

Not having to be told to learn to cook, be calm, quiet and gentle

And all the nuances of being a girl that follows.

I wish for a world

were boys and girls are treated equal

in all spheres of life

not just in mere words

but in the actual sense!!