Anyone Can Be No. 1

After all these years,

When we speak with our old friends

We realise that one thing

that our elders always have said –

We don’t know what is their journey,

or what is their destiny?

Everyone though they are your best friends,

studying in the same class

with the same kind of resources,

turn out to be different

in a way, you can never imagine.

Retrospecting the days of past

I realise how time changes

everything and everyone

just like a giant wheel

with its various position of carts.

Ball Game

From the top,

the world looks so small,

That makes you feel satisfied.

From the bottom,

the world looks so big

That makes you wonder with awe.

Satisfaction is the synonym

of saturation.

Awesomeness and wonder

are the signs of progress.

In middle a mix of both

satisfaction and awesomeness occupy,

with high dynamic properties.

Heart is always wandering

between the two extremes.

Yet maintaining a practical balance,

lies the ball game of the middle.

Sunny goes out, Breezy comes in

After a long time cool breeze struck at night.

It was both intimidating and heavy.

Heavy enough to push a lot of things at home

which were by now used to the static environment.

The breeze was deafening

But yet it was welcomed.

We opened our doors and came out

to feel the cool breeze outside.

Its been a long time to see

so many residents out in their balconies.

Laughter and cries of children

were growing louder.

A day that we have all longed for so long.

A Poem To My Father

“When it comes to work,

its just work.

When it comes to study,

its just study.

When it comes to enjoyment.”

its just enjoyment.

Dear dad

     It takes every ounce of my strength to put in words the unique relationship we possess of bond, affection, love, sacrifice and in its own little way graceful.

You are on my side when I most need you.

You be a part of my pain and

Be part of my joy

Yet in your own graceful way

You let the credit be mine.

Your dynamic nature

Awes my mouth wide open.

Yet the thought how I am going to attain it,

scares me.

It is at a distance as far as moon

But surely, one day, I strongly believe

I shall attain your perfection

just like Neil Armstrong.

You can be as strict as Hitler when you have to.

You can be as caresome as Mother Teresa

when we are sick.

You can be like an innocent kid while playing

You can be a perfect study buddy during my late night study.

Undoubtedly, You are my best friend dad

I am lucky to have you as my father

i love you dad.