Change is the only permanent thing in life

But many a times we fail to realise

This simple truth.

Expectations are sort of a greed

We set for ourselves.


Life is like a breeze

Flowing along with this breeze

As life takes us by,

Moulding and modifying ourselves

According to the circumstances

And yet never forgetting to create happy memories.


Happiness is more like a choice than a destination.

It is not something you attain

But something which you experience

At every path of our life.


Moving On…

Wind arose from place unknown

Spreading my face like a hurricane flush

Drinking away the heat of afternoon

reminding me of the dear times

in this very same space.

Got ready to move on to a distant place

bidding goodbye to this lovely environment

dear to my heart.

But what I learnt from my frequent travels

to live far off is

As the waves pass by,

so the memories of remote past.

As the new tide arises,

so comes fresh new experiences.

Shaping a brand new you

for a brand new tomorrow.

Upside Down

Choclate, biscuit, noodles

Anything you name it

Which you really really love to

munch and talk about

from A to Z

Detoriates your health!!

But all the disgusting stuff

which will have to be forced into our mouth

not to mention bitter guard

coz we actually require a guard

to safely tuck it in

Turns out to be good!!

How ridiculous?! has the world gone nuts??

can’t the world just turn upside down??

If it doesn’t then I shall force it

just like the ‘so-called good things’

are forced to us!!