Cherish Fulfilment

“Sky blooms

clouds blossoms

sun embraces

river sparkles

birds sing

tree hymns

The child cherish”


That summer on the river bank, sitting by the tree and breathing the view of the nature’s blessing. There was silence and beauty all over. A kind of silence that glorifies the vibe of nature and beauty for which one is lost for words. Back supported with hard trunk, legs crossed and David Copperfield book in your hands. Content fills yours body as you sagĀ  back and fumble the pages of your book.


A little inspiration and a little motivation is all that is required to change someone’s life forever, isn’t it? Books are ways through which our ancestors leave us a message to behold, a principle, a truth, a realisation which cannot be learnt until one has completed a good share of time in this world.

All the books keep telling us a simple fact that anything and everything is possible in this crazy little world that we live. Why not? Even Giants could have existed. But then we are too consumed by thoughts that this couldn’t be possible, that makes us nearly blind to it.

Believe! Imagine! cherish fulfiilment like a child!


Roll yourself like a coccon

or roll yourself like a mummy;

Match a coil

or light a repellant;

Close your windows at 6

or run the fan at 5;

Those tiny little bloodsuckers

always find their way to their meal by hook or by crook

Good night!


IMG_20170917_152332Straighten the wire

with your thumb,

until the unyielding wire

makes a deep reddish mark,

the reddish mark changes to a dirty black

and yet you haven’t reached that perfect straight you are expected to


Your hands start burning,

and yet no change.

Hours tick by,

and yet no change.


but suddenly, so suddenly

the staff gives a little click

and voila!


Change is the only permanent thing in life

But many a times we fail to realise

This simple truth.

Expectations are sort of a greed

We set for ourselves.


Life is like a breeze

Flowing along with this breeze

As life takes us by,

Moulding and modifying ourselves

According to the circumstances

And yet never forgetting to create happy memories.


Happiness is more like a choice than a destination.

It is not something you attain

But something which you experience

At every path of our life.



That dreadly minutes

When we receive our exampaper

We feel every inch of our body

Trying to keep us composed, to keep us alive.

Sometimes I wonder,

Why haven’t I passed out

With heart attack.

I hoped I never would

Wonder about these lingering thoughts

Over me passing out

Once I entered college,

But sadly

Somethings never change.


A new year

sends new hope.

Every year on the new year’s eve

we owe to change ourselves

in ways

we would love to reflect ourselves.

The external vibe

sends a shiver deep within your being,

kindling emotions and freshness.


All of a sudden

you are courageous with an

ingrowing self trust

which you never knew existed.

We smile and welcome

this external and internal change

wholeheartedly for a better change.

As we know,

change is the only permanent thing in life.


Remember those days

when I lurked around the school library

along with my friends

trying to find that one book

that stings your page turning fingertips

even while experiencing tiredness

while every single bone of your body retorts

in your every nerve.


Remember those days

having your lunch

in the giant staircase,

chatting about the day

with great humor.


Remember those days

before the summer break

while we start the countdown

a month ago.


Remember those days

while i felt ironic

when someone said that

this is the best part of your life.

As we get to do so much of homework

which had to be done withcreativity

all through the holidays.


‘Experience is the best teacher’

My school days was indeed

the best part of my life.