Moving On…

Wind arose from place unknown

Spreading my face like a hurricane flush

Drinking away the heat of afternoon

reminding me of the dear times

in this very same space.

Got ready to move on to a distant place

bidding goodbye to this lovely environment

dear to my heart.

But what I learnt from my frequent travels

to live far off is

As the waves pass by,

so the memories of remote past.

As the new tide arises,

so comes fresh new experiences.

Shaping a brand new you

for a brand new tomorrow.

Dawn Of Generator

Generator turns by the time

power goes out.

The moment in between

is darkness.

We feel darkness

only after light goes out.

We miss

when we loose.

The darkness makes us realise

That we were in light so far

but we never come to appreciate it,

during it’s presence.

Later generator turns on,

it is not the same as power

Yet something to fill it’s space

during it’s absence.

Dreams v/s Reality

We were a lot more confident

when we barely knew anything.

But as one grows older

so fades the confidence

with age.

Everybody at some stage

would have dreamed to become

The President, an astronaut or

the world’s richest person.

But after one completes

the high school

One finds himself in a situation

where everything is available

but nothing is really yours.

The things which then seemed so simple,

now appeals as unreachable.