Unity At Crisis

It’s strange isn’t it? Yet not very uncommon to find real-life situations where we unite during a crisis. Though it seems like they don’t have anything to do with you, at times of problem the same people back you up. Does that mean a strange connection is formed knowingly or unknowingly? But it’s just that we do not know how to express it at the present. Is it because everyone is introverts? Were your grandparents the same way? I guess not…then what is it that’s keeping you from being able to show love, compassion and empathy? It’s high time we set aside our little prisons entrapping us, this weekend and feel and see beyond!!

Happy compassionate weekend!!


Why should you learn the script of a language first?

It is true, you can learn a few phrases with the help of transliteration. Then why master the script first?

1. Transliteration; its limit ends with a few basic phrases.

The amount of materials you can have access is greater in the language you are learning than in the language through which you are learning a new language.

Learning a script isn’t as complex as it might seem. It is way too easier compared to grammar.

When you master a script, you will feel a sense of accomplishment which indeed motivates you to read further.

2. One of the most important things I have learned in my language learning journey is that ‘one must learn a language through that language’, so that we don’t have to keep translating what we want to say in our minds before speaking. For example, if I want to say ‘how are you?’ in French I just say ‘comment ├ža va?’ With only the situation in mind and not translating ‘how are you?’



How beautiful the word sounds.

I just came across this really special word – Polyglot, which defines a person who speaks multiple languages. Isn’t it great guys? To top this up, there is the term Hyperpolyglot, which defines a person who speaks more than 12 languages. Ever since then my goal has been to become a hyperpolyglot….yeah!! Join me in my journey, as we live through some beautiful languages…I will be posting upon the resources I used, my notes, some tips which worked for me and much more…


Introverts are neither too social nor are they anti-social elements. They are just normal breathing human beings with a different definition of being social.

They would rather fit into an intermediate class called ‘differently social’, where they try to find a balance between the both like a perfect rhythm of salt and sweet.

The combination of social and anti social is as dynamic as any combination of salt and sweet thereby giving them a touch of unpredictable nature-hood.