What i admire the most about you

is how well you balance your life.


You study when you have to

you smile when you feel like

you play when you desire

and make all around you stunned.

you are a friendly girl moving with all

with no secondary thoughts.

You are also a smart lad

filled with genius answers

and thought provoking questions.


You are also a woman of great virtues

you have chosen the path of righteousness

and developed the skill to speak out the truth

with a grace.

Your kind and care-some nature

meets no bounds.


I hope our journey of friendship

lasts forever…..and ever….





Moving On…

Wind arose from place unknown

Spreading my face like a hurricane flush

Drinking away the heat of afternoon

reminding me of the dear times

in this very same space.

Got ready to move on to a distant place

bidding goodbye to this lovely environment

dear to my heart.

But what I learnt from my frequent travels

to live far off is

As the waves pass by,

so the memories of remote past.

As the new tide arises,

so comes fresh new experiences.

Shaping a brand new you

for a brand new tomorrow.

Dawn Of Generator

Generator turns by the time

power goes out.

The moment in between

is darkness.

We feel darkness

only after light goes out.

We miss

when we loose.

The darkness makes us realise

That we were in light so far

but we never come to appreciate it,

during it’s presence.

Later generator turns on,

it is not the same as power

Yet something to fill it’s space

during it’s absence.

Gift Of A Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed

with my dear friend

I come to realise the holiness

of that single sentence.

She is a kind of person

you will love to spend time with

Eagerly waiting for her everyday

So she makes my life colourful

with all her cheerfulness.

A Poem To My Father

“When it comes to work,

its just work.

When it comes to study,

its just study.

When it comes to enjoyment.”

its just enjoyment.

Dear dad

     It takes every ounce of my strength to put in words the unique relationship we possess of bond, affection, love, sacrifice and in its own little way graceful.

You are on my side when I most need you.

You be a part of my pain and

Be part of my joy

Yet in your own graceful way

You let the credit be mine.

Your dynamic nature

Awes my mouth wide open.

Yet the thought how I am going to attain it,

scares me.

It is at a distance as far as moon

But surely, one day, I strongly believe

I shall attain your perfection

just like Neil Armstrong.

You can be as strict as Hitler when you have to.

You can be as caresome as Mother Teresa

when we are sick.

You can be like an innocent kid while playing

You can be a perfect study buddy during my late night study.

Undoubtedly, You are my best friend dad

I am lucky to have you as my father

i love you dad.