How To Study? – Time management

Hello everyone, hope you are all safe at home. This lockdown, let’s make the best use of time by studying! Yeah, you heard me right, today we are going to discuss a few tips, that after many trial and errors have started working for me, and so would for you. Please feel free to share your tips and let’s build a healthy community of reading.


First things first, you first need to know what you need to study to get them done.

Plan what you need to study, from where? And when?

Initially I used ‘keep notes’ as I was a little aversive to scheduling, but when I didn’t time them, I just ended up pushing the task to the next day endlessly.

Working for goals

An important part of planning is based on goals that matter to you.

There are two types of goals when coming to studying or just about anything else. Short term goals would be to read say 10 new words in French and long term goal could be to get fluent in French. 

A goal is broken down so that you can work for it a little everyday.

Take time to write down your long term goal

Time batching

When you are new to scheduling your entire day, it would be less intimidating if you don’t specify exact time like 6:30 or 7:45 and rather say before dinner I am going to study a particular topic say Photosynthesis from science textbook.

My study blocks range anywhere between 3hrs to 4hrs, having said that Pomodoro method doesn’t work for me, but it might for you,so do give it a try

Digital scheduling

The single most best app I have ever used for time management is ‘Google calendar’. It is preferable to schedule your day a night before if you are a morning person. But I like to start my mornings slow, so coffee and scheduling goes hand in hand.

Try to stick to schedule as much as possible but don’t force yourself into it, you might just end up doing nothing the next day. Just slowly try to improve your discipline.

As you could see, I majorly only schedule my study hours. As other things are already a part of my routine & so fit in perfectly in free spaces.

Importance of break days

Working on a schedule all day on top of your School, University, or office hours is exhausting. You need to grant yourself a break day once in a while when you feel like one, or a fixed day whichever works. I do a mix of both.

It’s kind of a positive reinforcement, so you could go ahead further positively without burning out.

Don’t just sleep all day on these days, it’s exhausting too, try doing something you really enjoy. Take a moment to write down all the things that make you happy, so you could randomly select later.

For me it’s usually watching Harry Potter or reading korean/ french.

Commonly overlooked vital stuff

  • Drink sufficient water
  • Good sleep 💤, you don’t want to end up sleeping in your exam hall!!
  • Exercise – it doesn’t take much time, it improves your mood & health
  • Good food – You don’t have to put in a lot of effort, just avoid junk, keep a bunch of nuts handy, don’t overdo on caffeine.

Happy Studying ✌🏻


Think of all the conversations you have done today.

Choose a one that quips your interest.

Just wonder how much more interesting would it be if you were to speak the same in the language you are learning…yeeaahh… that feeling of accomplishment and content is what you are aiming at.

Jot this in your journal, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the vocabulary…just write what you know. Then, look up the words you want to know, if it is a verb find its conjugation and voila you are done!

When you want to know something and when you look for it, you will never forget it.

Journal ling everyday also helps in keeping track of things, thoughts and just the beauty of everyday which might vanish from the poor little brains.

So friends let’s keep our brains fresh and live with fun filled language learning!!



Change is the only permanent thing in life

But many a times we fail to realise

This simple truth.

Expectations are sort of a greed

We set for ourselves.


Life is like a breeze

Flowing along with this breeze

As life takes us by,

Moulding and modifying ourselves

According to the circumstances

And yet never forgetting to create happy memories.


Happiness is more like a choice than a destination.

It is not something you attain

But something which you experience

At every path of our life.



That dreadly minutes

When we receive our exampaper

We feel every inch of our body

Trying to keep us composed, to keep us alive.

Sometimes I wonder,

Why haven’t I passed out

With heart attack.

I hoped I never would

Wonder about these lingering thoughts

Over me passing out

Once I entered college,

But sadly

Somethings never change.


A new year

sends new hope.

Every year on the new year’s eve

we owe to change ourselves

in ways

we would love to reflect ourselves.

The external vibe

sends a shiver deep within your being,

kindling emotions and freshness.


All of a sudden

you are courageous with an

ingrowing self trust

which you never knew existed.

We smile and welcome

this external and internal change

wholeheartedly for a better change.

As we know,

change is the only permanent thing in life.