Mission: Long Journey

Early man used to move for food and shelter. The 21st century man moves for food, shelter and more importantly for work. At this pace me and my family were moving for joy in our dearly car. After all we are all social animals.

The destination is clear i.e. from Hyderabad to Chennai.

Distance of the journey – 750km

Approximate time – 10 to 12 hours

Travelling by – White Hyundai Accent

Route map – Hyderabad-Kurnool-Kadappa-Ranigunta-Redhills-Chennai

Here I am with a pen and paper trying to record all that I could feel and sense around me.

Travel writer – R.K.Haritha

Copper needles stood still bearing bits of life it was still holding on, which is supposed to resemble the grass, was stand still as though painted. Big trees had less of copper and more of emerald but not as emeraldish as I had expected. A bare landscape is all that I could see stretched so far that my eyes weren’t capable to make out neither its ending nor its beginning, not to mention the gigantic rocks which makes an outline of a mountain was so much in thirst that it appeared like a sick man in his death bed.

Huh! I had at last seen something different from the present scenario. It was structured to be a factory or in my case a demon to makes its surroundings sick. Slowly and slowly I could see other stuffs which indicated the dominance of humans. I could say this because of the proofs I managed to give a glance at, though it wasn’t worth a glance as the nature which was bearing was a remarkable sight. These were small settlements, petty shops which more or less targeted on the travelers who were probably on a long journey.

These new part of our journey had a lot of emeraldish stuff; the land was fertile even while sun is camping on earth a lot more than usual. The painting beside my window had a lot of grey paint.

We have now crossed 200 km of our journey, the usual break time mark. Well time is there or in our case allotted but what shall we eat and more importantly where? There is no hint of a restaurant!!

We were in the verge of freezing in the car that is when we opened our windows. Hush! OMG! There comes a hurricane of sun rays. It felt good for a second but later it started to suck out our energy just as seen in the glucose advertisement. We managed to save our energy since the breakfast. Its nearly 4 past 30 now yet I didn’t feel hungry, guess why?

Oh! Ho! What’s there to think about it? It’s obvious, isn’t? We are on a long drive and who the hell is interested to make it a short drive with too many breaks. If somebody does that they are totally insane.

On our way there weren’t any fancy BMWs or Audi’s as we usually see but, fully overloaded trucks which were coming from different parts of India. I often came across the Maharashtra ones.

Phew! Found a restaurant, nothing like a holiday-destination-like-hotels which sometimes are more interesting than the destination itself!! But atleast unlike the other hotels we had come across in our journey it had a proper building structure and not any torn black or blue sheets. Well, I expected two hotel management graduated students dressed in professional black welcome us. But to my astonishment we were welcomed by two gundas instead.

It was too hot, I couldn’t stand a moment. As it happened to be that we were in one of the hottest places in Andhra Pradesh at the peak of summer. It was good that they had A.C in their hotel at a particular place. Of course they charged extra but never mind. Our eyes were filled with tears eating the spicy dishes. It so appealed to me that the chili powder was the base ingredient for all the dishes they prepare! But nothing much to say, we had no choice.

Resumed our journey in our dearly car. We have entered an era we are so used to, busy roads!! We have entered into the inside of Kurnool.  It appeared to me so much like my dear town. But something really peculiar which caught my eyes was the fact that all the autos in Kurnool had a 4 digit number on the top  of back side of the autos on bold white on a dark shade of sky blue background.

One frustrating thing is surely the ups and downs of roads. A sigh of relief passed through all of us as we seen the first sign board indicating Kadappa is soon approaching.  On our way we saw few institutions which we knew like Kendriya Vidhyalaya Kurnool, Pulla Reddy Engineering college and Dental College, St. Mary’s Junior college.

Within an eye flick we were again with a few slow lorry’s to be followed. HUH………… I will surely fall asleep by the time the lorry succeeding us moves a kilometer. Yippee!! We over took that slow cat lorry.

Now the road is better hence I can resume my writing. This is the best scenery I am seeing since the beginning of the journey. There are a wide range of mountains just below the pale blue sky the range of mountains was the beginning of a land ready for cultivation, completely topped with black soil which added to the beauty. Here and there, we found some trees. Now that I am close to the mountains I realized that it wasn’t a mountain itself. What was in front of me was numerous hard large rocks, thickened soil and of course a few bushes, in the sense lot of them. Once in a long time I see crows flying high.

Guess what? We are going ‘on’ mountain! I was so mesmerized a little while ago. I remember the days when I was under the impression that a mountain is like a slide and when we are going in a vehicle it’s like climbing up the slide in the opposite direction, and that it’s too risky but now it is like a cake walk and surprisingly my favorite.

All the tea shops here had a bench as I see in typical cinemas. The lorry presently in front of us had people in it unlike the rest which had over loaded Goods. But what was notable was that even people were over loaded like the goods!

I thought writing about roads was silly but I am tempted to. The road was basically sculpted out of mountains and it revealed beautiful rock structures. It was light red in color, each of which resembled different things just like clouds.

It was warm and dark. At last there was a trace of evening. Since, even 5 pm was like noon, it might be  because of the fact that it was peak of summer. Now it is 7 pm yet there are no street lights, the blinking lights from the opposite vehicle were frustrating. Something to cool down my frustration was the thick and beautiful vegetation to my left.

The most favorite part of any journey is to get mesmerized in the beauty of sunset. The mix of Red and Blue is what I call a master piece.

The next morning journey began with a bright shine of sun light accompanying us. Sun was bright but that doesn’t mean it was hot. The weather was perfect for a long drive and also welcoming. The back ground scenery was that of a tiny village set up – a long stretch of cultivated land a lot of trees and of course a small hint of mountains was still visible. Not to mention the live harvesting I was looking at, just like I have read in science or atleast seen in movies.

And again I seen an over loaded vehicle but unlike the last time, it was an auto-rickshaw. Guess what? Even the top portion of the auto was completely occupied. Broken construction of houses was the place where inhabitants of that area lived; the settlements were so small that the beds were placed outside their house. A temple was under construction, a herd of goats crossed the main road and we like the ones stopped by a traffic signal awaited! There are no words to describe the beauty of Banana plantation towards the right… Wow!!

We had our breakfast in a cozy little restaurant. Guess what? I did see the mountains of my imagination, it was magnificent. We were moving towards Renigunta, surrounded by thick vegetation on both sides of the road. A tireless journey for 2 hours at a stretch landed us Red hills. We took a short break, washed our face and had refreshments.

Getting closer and closer to our destination filled us with joy wherein we had a small antakshari for nearly an hour. A few minutes later we found ourselves in Chennai.



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