Moving On…

Wind arose from place unknown

Spreading my face like a hurricane flush

Drinking away the heat of afternoon

reminding me of the dear times

in this very same space.

Got ready to move on to a distant place

bidding goodbye to this lovely environment

dear to my heart.

But what I learnt from my frequent travels

to live far off is

As the waves pass by,

so the memories of remote past.

As the new tide arises,

so comes fresh new experiences.

Shaping a brand new you

for a brand new tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Moving On…

  1. My dad was in the Indian army, so we were always on the move. Having lived through most of the India, I could very well relate to you. You are right, every new place is a new lesson and life goes on…

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    • That’s true Sunil 🙂 “every new place is a new lesson.” It shapes you for who you are now for the future. Nevertheless can we forget to mention the enthusiasm behind exploring new places and the loads of fun which we exclusively experience in travelling. We can count ourselves lucky in this regard.
      Happy Writing 🙂

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