Tit for Tat

A tit for tat is all that I thought

Wondering what you actually mean.

The phrase hit my head like the thundering jolt

the moment I felt like writing something.

Oh my dear tit for tat what do you want me to do?

Do you want me to fulfill your wish just like helen the ghost?

Oh no!! then I am not the right person

coz I can never ever do anything on time!!

Oh Brain! Oh Brain!! Do you hear me??

I trust you more than me as you always show me the right path no matter what.

But now are you asleep??

Everything I learnt, seen, felt is in you and not in me!!

Then why don’t you supply me with some of the

many things I shown you, made you feel and learn.

What the hell??!!

I want you to say something other than tit for tat.