Buildings, buildings, buildings that’s all my poor eyes could see from the musty study room. In retrospect my life was a lot better with hobbies taking the major part of me. The very pronoun ‘me’ symbolises my interests, my hobbies. I am just not myself with the things I dearly love to do. I always had a strange connection with books, no matter what category they belong, they had always managed to put a smile on my face. In particular the novels.

Novels are one of the man’s best creation, or in my case THE BEST. Not just reading them but also writing them is as fun reading or even more. I haven’t yet mastered that art. But nothing to worry sooner or later its going to be my cup of tea. No doubt about that. Looks like I sound a bit over confident but in course of time it will last as mere confidence. So its better I have over confidence now so when the time comes I don’t lack them.libraholic girl logo painted

Harry Potter the very name drives me nuts. I have read it a gazillion times yet I just can’t get enough of it. Anita Blake vampire hunter novels, House of night series and the twilight series are my other favourites.  As a kid I grew up with Mark Twain and Enid Blyton stories.

As we can never forgo the flavor of recipe. I just can’t forgo the flavor of my life – ‘The Music’. I have a huge collection of handpicked favourite songs in my ipod. I would listen to the lovely melodies when I am in my bed or doing my chores. It always help me get through things. It energises me and I just don’t realise what I’m doing and whee!! my job is done. Music according to me is really a friend indeed.

In once life we learn a lot of stuff but how do we express them? Early man used to draw pictures and symbols in rocks and barks to communicate. But now we don’t have to stress ourselves so much, since the birth of languages. So language learning is really essential. Whenever I just don’t feel like reading a novel or listen to music I just try to learn a new language or just try to improve my language skills. I now know 7 languages, 7 very different beautiful languages.

‘Hobbies Define You’

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  1. G’day Haritha RK
    Unexpectedly I finding myself overseas with limited PC time, means, it being what it is 🙂 … do I post, read or comment? … albeit I do thank you for your visit, it’s very much appreciated, once I return to Aus I will start doing the rounds to catch up on everyone’s page

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