IMG-20171016-WA0020 (2)RANDOM STUFF ABOUT ME!!

  • A good book + maggy = happy life 🙂
  • I assume Harry Potter as my guide to both life and writing
  • Due to my upbringing I always seem to appreciate the beauty of different languages and try my best to know a little about them, if not master them
  • I like to write random stuff about life and fiction.. and writing a bestseller has been one of my fantasies since childhood.
  • Library is my heaven. I look at books stacked in a library with as much adoration as a child gazing a colorful candy
  • I love to travel and explore new places, living in a place for more than 5 years is a nightmare. Life is all about changes 😀
  • I am basically a dental student who likes to read standard medical books. I find lectures fascinating, note taking fun and reading those in books makes me exhilarated with sense of content. To inspire and support fellow dental students I have started www.rkharitha.wordpress.com


5 thoughts on “About

  1. G’day Haritha RK
    Unexpectedly I finding myself overseas with limited PC time, means, it being what it is 🙂 … do I post, read or comment? … albeit I do thank you for your visit, it’s very much appreciated, once I return to Aus I will start doing the rounds to catch up on everyone’s page

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