Sweat Sweat All Day

Couldn’t bear the heat

even in my couch.

Summer holidays sets in

but no going out.

I had a lot of plans for this summer.

I thought I would arrange my bookshelf,

paint my mud pot,

do artistic gardening in coffee mugs,

go out everyday and

make new friends.

But when the time actually sets in

I just sat in my couch

and watched TV all day.

After all this year was the hottest summer I ever faced in my city. That sort of heat makes you tired without almost doing anything. So here ends all my summer plans. There are a lot of interesting stuff that we can do indoors too but having a TV at home with all those interesting channels there is no space for any creative stuff.

It takes every bit of self control to keep myself away from TV. Watching TV is not a usual affair with me. But come on, it’s summer. Summer holidays has its own dear exceptions.

Just do what you like and enjoy your holidays like never before. Coz if you are going to miss it there is no taking back. You need to wait for one whole year for this wonderful time. Happy summer holidays.


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